The Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee was founded in 1999 with the mission of preserving the important beauty and life style of Lady’s Island.

About Us


What is Lady's Island

Lady's Island Encompasses a large area and includes many other islands such as, Cat, Distant, Lost, Coosaw, Kane and many others as the map above shows.


About Us

What do we do?

What do we do?

What do we do?


In 2000, the population of Lady’s Island was a fraction of what it is today. As more development and more people have come to our island, our mission has evolved. From a group that was called in to review and render an opinion about projects brought before it, to a group that is being proactive in trying to get “ahead” of projects that might be of concern to our citizens.

Our new role, as we see it, is to be notified of all projects impacting Lady’s Island, whether commercial or large residential projects, and to review those projects to provide an opinion to decision makers.

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What do we do?

What do we do?


Lady's Island is growing we all know. 

The population per the US Census of 2010 was  around 12,500

Estimates for 2020 are around 14,000. Firm information is hard to find....but check out the links below..

US Census Beaufort County

LIBPA info

Who is on our Committee?


Jan Malinowski, Chair                                                                                                                              *                                                                                                  (843) 524-3300‬

Paul Butare                                    (803) 586-1132     

John Coaxum                                              (843)-812-0091   

Jason Hincher‭                                             (843) 575-5248‬

Cecil Mitchell‭                   (843) 812-4204

Pat Harvey-Palmer    ‭                (843) 575-4711‬

Allen Patterson‭   (843) 812-7475

How do we decide what to review?

We are now made aware of applications for Commercial development, and housing developments, through contact with the City and County.

We are also made aware of concerns through citizen input.

And we review any activities that might have a material impact on Lady's Island.