Feb 24th 2020 Agenda; 10 AM Airport

Chairman’s update

 -Meeting structure and protocol

Approval of minutes

Citizen Comments/New Business or Non-agenda items (limited to 3 minutes)

County update-Rob Merchant 

 -Beaufort Academy update


City Update-David Prichard/Heather Spade

 -Cane Island


Trees update-15 minutes Murphy

Communication update -5 minutes  Butare 

 -Cat Island contact

LI Implementation Plan update 10 minutes Butare/Patterson

Village center update 10 minutes Butare 

Sub-committee update Jason 10 minutes

Citizen Comments 3 minutes per speaker

New Business


January 13th 2020, 10 AM County Airport meeting room

Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee


January 13, 2019

Call to Order

Approval of minutes – December 16, 2019

Chairman’ Report


 - Mission 

- Independence 

 - Rules and Structure 


Discussion Items

 County Projects    Rob Merchant


 City Projects    David Prichard

 Village Center     Paul Butare

 LICPC Structure – Progress update  Jason Hincher, Paul Butare

 Web Page     Paul Butare  

 Tree Ordinances    Michael Murphy (Guest)

New Business    Jan Malinowski


Next Meeting   February, 17, 2020  

December agenda

Community Preservation Committee Meeting

December 16, 2019, 10 AM

Airport Meeting Room, Beaufort County Airport

39 Airport Circle, Lady’s Island

1.  Call To Order

2.  Chairman’s Report

3.  Approval of Agenda

4.  Discussion of Community Preservation Committee

a.  Involvement from the City of Beaufort

b.  Public Outreach

5.  Update on Lady’s Island Projects

a.  Greenheath

b.  Celedon

c.  Sams Point Road Turn Lane

6.  Other Business: Next Meeting – Monday, January 13, 2019, 10:00 AM, Airport Meeting Room, Beaufort County Airport, 39 Airport Circle, Lady’s Island

7.  Adjournment

November Agenda

Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee 11/18/19

Call to order Rob
Election of Chairman  
Chairman Statement 

Discussion of CPC history and experience 

CPC stays as currently configured, pending any Steering Committee instructions/changes
Will work with LI Plan Steering to codify CPC and formalize it further
Charter is to continue to provide an opportunity for applicants to hear a sense of the community and zoning issues
 -Save money for applicant
 -Give LI Citizens a voice
 -Is voluntary in the City and County
 -Body has no legal or enforcement status, it is advisory
 -Consideration is being given to increasing outbound  communication and to enhance citizen representation for issues impacting Lady’s Island (may or may not be zoning)

Approval of charter for submission to LI Steering Committee

New Business