February Minutes


Minutes CPC 2/24/2020

Community Preservation Committee

Airport Conference Room

Meeting called to order at 10:00AM, by acting Chair, Paul Butare

All members present except for Jan Malinowski and Cecil Mitchell

Butare discussed meeting structure

 -Roberts Rules

 -Respect speaker and hold questions until finished

Butare discussed Whitehall

 -Wood and Partners contracted to construct master plan

 -March 6th at First Friday

 -Survey started then

 -Public input session “Open House” to be scheduled, likely late March

Citizens comments

 -Questions about Cat Island

Minutes approved unanimously

Merchant/Greenway discussed

 GreenHeath-No filings 

 Beaufort Academy expansion

 -Moving to boarding school

 -County and Fire department reviewed plans

 Celedon-expansion expected

 Cat Island

 -No filings

 -Any filings would be public

 -Letters and signs to anyone within 500’

 -Golf courses are difficult to develop for homes

 -County would respect and stand up for prior homeowner agreements

Prichard discussed

 -Cane island- no filings made preliminary discussions occurred

 -Is a PUD with associated restrictions and allowances

 -City will provide info as it is available


 -No other annexation requests for LI in process


 -Discussed Lady’s Island Standard

 -Suggested approaches

 -Next Steps


 -Communications update

 -Web page expansion; Ladysisland.org

 -Facebook expansion

 -Mailing list expansion

 -New email address ladysislandcpc@gmail.com

 -LI Plan Implementation

 -Discussed Text/Septic Amendment

  -Merchant explained


 -Bylaws underway and will be reported at next meeting


 -Village Center

 -Task force

 -Seeking RFP funding and approval

 -Major opportunity

Citizen Comments

Meeting was adjourned at 11:20

January Minutes

January LICPC minutes

January 13th 2020, 10 AM County Airport meeting room

Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee


January 13, 2019

Call to Order

Approval of minutes – December 16, 2019

Chairman’ Report


 - Mission 

- Independence 

 - Rules and Structure 

Discussion Items

 County Projects    Rob Merchant


 City Projects    David Prichard

 Village Center     Paul Butare

 LICPC Structure – Progress update  Jason Hincher, Paul Butare

 Web Page     Paul Butare  

 Tree Ordinances    Michael Murphy (Guest)

New Business    Jan Malinowski

Next Meeting   February, 17, 2020  


All members with exception of John Coaxum attended

A quorum was achieved

The meeting was well attended and the audience included:

Stephen Murray

Michael Tomy

Robert Merchant, 

Heather Spade

Johannes Rojahn , Cat Island

Raz (?), Cat Island

Chief Bruce Kline, LI Fire Department

Nancy Merrill, Sea Island Coalition

Chuck Newton, Sea Island Coalition

Peter Somerville, Sea Island Coalition

Gordon Fritz, Sea Island Coalition

Greg Campbell, Sea Island Coalition

Unidentified member, Sea Island Coalition

Swinton Anderson, Sea Island Coalition

Noah Krepps Beaufort County

Meeting was called to order at 10:01 AM By Chairman Malinowski.

The Chairman restated the Mission of the LICPC as an independent organization, read the mission statement. A vote was taken and the Mission re-approved, unanimously.

Mr. Merchant reported that there was no new submission for Greenheath and that there is no active filing underway.

-Mr. Newton, Sea Island Coalition indicated that he met with the developer and was comfortable with their approach to trees.

Brindlewood, Small Development adding another 10 units

Alerted audience to meeting regarding Bay Point, Wednesday, 9:30 AM, at the SRT session

Mr. Butare presented views on the Village Center for discussion.

-The Village “Centers” are a major part of the LI Plan, and have not progressed as part of the implementation process

 -The current, official Village center plan is outdated and no longer fully achievable at proposed location due to the developments of the “Old Publix” and the “New  Publix”

-Mr. Murray supported the need to review the plans while County and City were redoing plans.

Mr. Malinowski asked Mr. Butare to head multi-member task force to progress this discussion further. Motion made, seconded and unanimous approval given.

Ratification would be made at the LI Plan Implementation meeting.

Established Committee for By-laws, Candidate Member Qualifications, Member Approval, Member Terms.  Proposed ad hoc committee requested to bring forward drafts of each item to consider at March 2020 meeting.  Proposed members....  

Jason Hincher, Chair
Cecil Mitchell
Pat Harvey-Palmer

Motion by Allen Patterson.  Seconded by Paul Butare.  Approved.

Mr. Butare demonstrated the initial LI CPC web page at LadysIsland.org. 

Discussion ensued and ended in a statement by Mr. Malinowski that the site should be released and announced through social media and a Press release. It was also determined that prior to the announcement the LI Plan Steering Committee should be notified.

Michael Murphy and Julianna Smith presented initial conclusions of their analysis of the tree ordinances in Beaufort County, the City of Beaufort.

 -Differences were identified



-Mr. Murphy suggested creation of a “Lady’s Island Standard” for trees, which would be used as a guideline to express the desires of the community.  Where differences might exist between this standard and ordinances, the LICPC would address this with the appropriate entity.

 -Further research will continue 

 -Updates will be provided at the next meeting on Feb 17th

 -The Committee thanked Mr. Murphy and Ms. Smith for their excellent work

 -A motion was made by Mr. Butare and seconded by Mr. Patterson, to request that this team continue to pursue this analysis. The motion was approved unanimously.

Mr. Malinowski responded to a question from Mr. Rojahn 

about the recent sale of Cat island golf course, and whether it was possible that the course could be turned into a residential development. Mr. Malinowski provided the residents with the book and map location of a document that would provide insight into the issue. (Book 580, page 2470)

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20

December Minutes

Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee


The Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee met on December 16, 2019 at the Lady’s Island Airport. 

Attendees:  Voting Members - Jan Malinowski, Chair, Allen Patterson, Paul Butare, Cecil Mitchell, John Coaxum, Pat Harvey-Palmer, and Jason Hincher


Advisory and Guests:  Stephen Murray, Councilman - City of Beaufort, Robert Merchant – Beaufort County, David Prichard – City of Beaufort, Mike Tomy – Beaufort County Metropolitan Planning Commission 

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Mr. Malinowski

Minutes of November 18, 2019 approved. 

Chairman’ Report: 

 - LICPC will remain advisory.  Committee does not seek regulatory or decision making   authority

 - For 20+ years LICPC has provided advice and council to Citizens, developers and others 

 relating to actions which could impact Lady’s Island in material ways. This will continue.

 -We will continue to assist in the resolutions of any disagreements between the County    and the City

 -We are pleased that the City has agreed to participate and very pleased that Lady’s   Island resident and Director of Community and Economic Development, David Prichard   will be our representative.

Councilman Murray indicated that he sees value in sharing opinions and on coordination with the County and citizens on matters of importance.  The City agrees that an additional regulatory board is not needed but supports the advisory and citizen lead nature of the committee.

 - The Committee shall improve external communication and recording of meetings       - The Committee will develop by-laws and formal guidelines for (1) committee       membership eligibility, (2) appointment procedures, (3) attendance requirements, and     (4) term limits .

   - The Committee will seek a higher level Lady's Island Village Center Plan to help       harmonize County/City zoning differences and to support regulatory guidelines ensure       a clear vision of the village center. 

Chairman Malinowski departed and turned the meeting over to Mr. Butare.


Communication and Outreach – Mr. Butare

 -The LI Implementation Committee realizes that we must speak with a single voice, at    the same time wherever possible.

 -Same message to all

 -Courtesy to all stakeholders so there are no surprises

 -Discussion of a recent communication published by an active citizens group containing   errors and omissions. Emphasizes the need for even more commitment toward unity   and common objectives. (see below)

Greenheath - Mr. Merchant

 - Tentative plans were submitted by the developer in September which showed 187   homes on the parcel, which was a reduction from the more than 300 which were permitted by the abandoned PUD.

 - Discussion of tree protection at the site.  Mr. Merchant agreed to provide the CPC

  with the current tree ordinance and to keep the Committee posted regarding        developments related to the tree ordinance.

 - Members agreed that there is substantial concern and interest in preserving as many

 trees as practical, and to maximize buffers where possible.  

 -Discussion of SICC representative’s independent meeting with Mungo Builders to

 discuss Greenheath project and how doing duplicates CPC’s responsibilities.

Celadon – Mr. Merchant

 -Progress continues on expansion of the development

 -This is a good example of good coordination and outcome using the new Code 

Fairfield/Brendlewood – Mr. Merchant


 -Potential 20+ unit development.

 -Beaufort Academy potential expansion

Septic/Density Text Amendment – Mr. Merchant


 -Without sewer, density is limited to 1 home per 2 acres

 -Developments greater than 4

 -With Sewer 4 homes per acre allowed.

 -Second reading of the amendment is on Jan 13th at the County Council meeting

 - One update has been published by a Special Interest Group. It did not mention the exemption for small parcels, which is crucial for general public understanding. These highlight the need for greater emphasis on speaking with a “single   voice”.

-  The “septic ordinance” would limit the reliance on septic systems by prohibiting their use on lots smaller than one-half acre in minor subdivisions, and two acres in major subdivisions. The purpose of the proposed amendment to the Community Development Code is to manage growth on Lady’s Island by encouraging more orderly development patterns, and promoting environmental health by limiting the proliferation of on-lot septic systems on small lots.

 The amendment was approved unanimously by the County Natural Resources   Committee on Oct. 21, and is now before County Council. Third reading is expected in January 2020.

 A second draft that will shortly be published by another group, but for which we have a chance to request amendment or revision.  

 Match provision of sewer or septic to development density: Beaufort County drafted an ordinance that would restrict development to one residential unit per two acres if sewer   is not available. High density development that relies on septic systems poses a risk to   the water quality in our region. This change also ensures that densities are lower in our   rural areas, where urban services are unavailable. We anticipate Beaufort County   Council will consider this ordinance in January 2020. 

County / City Codes Harmonization 

 - General discussion about the need to “harmonize” the zoning between the City and   the County to eliminate confusion and “Zoning shopping” 

 -David Prichard and Rob Merchant agreed that they would undertake this effort and   would provide an update at the next meeting.

Rob McFee Transportation FAQs – Mr. Butare 

-   - Agreed to share them with the LI CPC.

Mission Statement – Mr. Butare

-   - Mr. Butare requested a motion to adopt CPC’s mission statement. The motion was  -  made by Jason Hincher and seconded by Allen Patterson. The motion carried  -  -  unanimously.

Next Meeting  - January 13th at 10 AM.

-   -  Mr. Merchant is handling room reservations for our meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


 Paul Butare, Secretary

November Minutes

Lady’s Island CPC met on November 17 at 10 AM 

All members were in attendance except for Pat Harvey Palmer. 

At the meeting, Jan Malinowski was unanimously elected as a chairman replacing Robert Semmler. 

Mr. Malinowski read a suggested mission statement to the audience. All agreed this was a fair representation for the intent is Lady’s Island Community Preservation Committee.

Discussion was had about the more than 22 year successful existence of the CPC. 

Discussion about Membership resulted in a recommendation that new members be considered after sponsorship from one of the existing committee members. That recommendation would be forwarded to either the MPC or the Lady’s Island steering committee. (TBD)
Mission statement will be circulated and voted upon at the next meeting.
The group discussed if it would be possible to get the City to advise us of annexation requests.

 -Mr. Butare contacted David Prichard, who indicated that is easily possible with a simple email request.

-I suggest that we all get on the distribution initially and decide later if we want to change that.

The LICPC will continue the standing meeting time of 10AM, the 3rd Thursday of every month. The next meeting is December 16th 2019.

The Committee agreed that it would continue its function as an advisory group

Charter is to continue to provide an opportunity for applicants to hear a sense of the community and zoning issues
 -Save money for applicant
 -Give LI Citizens a voice
 -Is voluntary in the City and County
 -Body has no legal or enforcement status, it is advisory
 -Consideration is being given to increasing outbound  communication and to enhance citizen representation for issues impacting Lady’s Island (may or may not be zoning)

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM

Draft Mission Statement

The future of Lady’s Island belongs in the hands of invested Lady’s Island residents, both recent arrivals and long-time residents, including businessmen and businesswomen guided by reasonable, but not inflexible, County and City policies and charged with the responsibility to make Lady’s Island a great place to live and work.