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These responses are From Robert McFee, Beaufort County and are current as of 1/1/2020

What are the 9 Lady’s Island projects and estimated construction costs funded by the sales tax Referendum?

PROJECT    2017 Est. Construction Cost-(ROW cost not included)

1. SC 802 Sams Point Road Right Turn Lane  $761,188.00

2. Hazel Farm Road and S-7-497 Gay Drive  $2,983,756.00

3. New Lady’s Island Middle School Access  $1,482,880.00

4. S-7-186 Sunset Blvd and S-7-187 Miller Drive West  $4,482,155.00

5. Beaufort High School Access Realignment  $1,792,274.00

6. US 21 Bus./ US 21, and SC 802 Mainline  $10,775,744.00

7. Meadowbrook Drive Extension  $776,500.00

8. Mayfair Court Extension  $449,643.00

9. US 21 Airport Area and Frontage Road  $4,980,303.00

Are the projects listed in the Referendum fixed in cost and priority? 

No they are not fixed, however any recommended improvements funded with 1 cent revenue allocated to this corridor must serve the purpose of improving the performance and safety of the US 21 Corridor across Lady’s Island.

Are land acquisition costs and right of way costs included in the $30M for the Lady’s Island work.

No they are not

What is the process that BC engineering follows when evaluating projects?

Each project will be evaluated in terms of Cost, Constructability, and what its Contribution is to the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians and the community. Each project will be developed with a minimum of 2 public input meetings. The initial public meeting will present viable alternatives for public review and comment. The comments that are received will be incorporated into the design as practicable and then a second public comment meeting will be held for final comments. After this second meeting, the project may move forward to ROW acquisition, final design, permitting and construction  

Once a project is completed, are the other potential projects reviewed again?

Yes, a re-evaluation of traffic patterns and accidents will be done after each project is completed

How many public meetings are there for each project?

A minimum of 2

How will the public be notified of the meetings?

There will be signs posted along the proposed project alignment as well as advisories posted on the Beaufort County website. For those projects requiring additional ROW, letters will be send to all property owners within the project limits as well. 

What projects are being considered for pathways?

A map of these projects may be found at 


How is safety taken into account when projects are considered?

The primary factor in “Roadway Safety” is the design standards used. Use of proven, established design criteria such as lane width, taper lengths, markings, signage and proximity of above ground obstructions are a just a few examples of the many criteria that must be successfully addressed to produce a ‘Safe’ road. However, no amount of engineering can overcome poor driving habits.

How will the SC 802 turn lane impact businesses in that area?

3 business parcels will have a minimal ROW impact and no access points will be closed

Is the potential Harris-Teeter taken into consideration with the turn lane?


Could there be a turn lane added for right turn at the former Publix?

The City of Beaufort development permit for this re-development has, as a developer requirement, installation of a right turn lane off of US 21 and onto SC 802

What triggers a traffic study for development?

In un-incorporated Beaufort County, and some of the municipalities, projects that will generate more than 50 trips during the peak hour require a traffic Impact Analysis (TIA).

What is the process to determine the placement of traffic signals?

The decision to install a traffic signal is based on a traffic engineering study, which compares the following conditions to warrants in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The following are evaluated to determine if any of the warrants are satisfied:

a.  The number of vehicles and pedestrians that use the intersection;

b.  The intersection’s physical makeup;

c.  Average speed of the vehicles;

d.  The number and types of crashes that have occurred at the intersection;

e.  Nearby developments; and

f.  The traffic delays during peak hours.

The MUTCD warrants evaluate the conditions to determine if a traffic signal would provide for a more orderly movement of traffic, increase the traffic-handling capacity of the intersection, reduce certain types of accidents, provide a more continuous movement of traffic and/or provide needed gaps to assist traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, to cross or enter the roadway.

Does there have to be a roundabout on Miller road?

No, based on analysis done in 2018, a roundabout is not necessary at this location at the present time. 

What does “traffic calming” mean and what are some examples?

Traffic Calming uses physical design and other measures to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Planners and traffic engineers have numerous strategies for traffic calming, such as narrowed roads, planted raised medians and speed humps.


What happens if a project expenses are more than estimated as it relates to the $30M?

If project expenditure projections exceed revenues, County Council has the authority to modify the various project scopes to satisfy, to the greatest extent possible, the aims of the ballot referendum.

Are there other funds available for cost overruns or unanticipated expense increases?

Yes, some of the projects may qualify for state and/or Federal funding or County Administered Road Impact fees. There is a great demand for these funds and each project will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

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